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peripheral neuropathy treatments

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatments

Renewed Life Wellness Center provides cutting edge solutions to pain caused by neuropathy. Our goal is to provide patients with long term relief for their neuropathy pain. Call today for our $47 initial exam and consultation to receive a unique treatment plan to reverse your neuropathy pain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment options may include regenerative cell therapy, red and near-infrared light therapy, electrical rebuilder stimulation, vibatron therapy, spinal decompression, dietary interventions, supplementation, and more.

Peripheral NeuropathyTreatments

➲ 85% of patients we receive in our unique neuropathy reversal

program see between 50% to 75% improvement of their symptoms.

➲ Treatment plans are personalized for each patient.

➲ Our treatment is safe and effective, without the side effects often seen with medication.

Neuropathy Relief Testimonials

Joanie J. -

"I have been dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy for many years, with numbness, tingling, burning in my feet and muscle spasms in my legs and feet. I was having difficulty sleeping at night because of this. I tried Gabapentin for a few months and found that the side effects greatly outweighed the benefit and I stopped taking it. I had been managing it without pain medications until about a year ago when I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. After receiving three months of High Dose Chemotherapy the neuropathy got much worse, with daily spasms and pain. Just when I though I would give in and take some pain medication I heard about Dr. Kenneth Carle at Renewed Life Wellness Center and his Neuropathy Reversal Program.

He set me up for in Clinic treatment and the equipment needed to do in home Light Therapy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation designed to reverse damaged nerves. After 6 weeks, I no longer have the muscle spasms and most of the pain is gone. I'm sleeping better at night. I still have the numbness and tingling but I can tell the feeling is beginning to come back and with further treatment and continuing my home care I have faith that I will continue to get better day by day. Thank you Dr. Kenneth, and the rest of the staff for the excellent care and the words of encouragement."

Doris J. -

Nine years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I have been dealing with peripheral neuropathy with stabbing pains, numbness, burning and coldness in my feet. After taking Gabapentin for years, as the pain got worse the dosage increased year after year. I don't know if the pain would have been made worse without the medication. Finally, I saw an ad for Neuropathy treatments. I made an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Carle. He did an exam and set up a treatment plan. Noticed improvement in about 2 weeks. Now it's almost been two months. My pain has decreased to about 40%. I'm so thankful for Dr. Kenneth for improving my life. Would highly recommend Dr. Kenneth to anyone that has peripheral neuropathy, it works! Thanks to the staff for their care and positive encouragement.

Tammy S. -

Hi, I am Tammy and I have Neuropathy. I have been suffering for 8 years now with the burning, lightning bolt pain in my feet. I was progressively getting worse. When I went to my medical Dr., all I ever heard was there is nothing we could do for you. Then this pill came then came another pill it was never ending and it was not helping. My girlfriend sent me an ad from Dr. Kenneth's office. She told me to give it a try. Thank God I did.

I has been 3 weeks of a 12 month program, and I am sleeping through the night, and got rid of all my pills except for 1, that will be done soon. I just know Dr. Kenneth and his staff are the most kind, caring people, I have ever met. Instead of crying, rubbing my feet, pacing, walking all over the floor because I did not know what to do with the pain, the pain was so bad. I am enjoying a life again. If you have a problem, no matter how big or small, don't suffer anymore go see Dr. Kenneth and his staff. I am so glad I did. Thank you for bringing these wonderful people into my life.

Larry K. - 

When I started my treatment for neuropathy on my feet, I was experiencing a great deal of pain. My feet felt like they were burning up and frozen at the same time. Now they still feel cold but in reality are not. Prior to treatment I could hardly stand on them after a long walk or being on the ladder for a short period of time. This past fall we stained our entire cabin and deck using a ladder for a couple hours at a time with little discomfort. 

Getting up in the morning was an uncomfortable situation for the first few steps and now I don't have that problem.

Don R. - 

Life before this was getting very limited. I was having trouble standing, walking, physical activity of any sort. It was painful. It was depression. That was all before. Now it's the exact opposite of everything I just said. Now I have more mobility, I'm able to stand for longer periods of time, I'm able to walk. Everything is so much better. A complete 180 turn around than everything it was prior. I would absolutely recommend Renewed Life Wellness Center with no doubt.

Prior to this I was going through the medical system and was having tests done where they probe the legs and do an electrical shock and what they did was to determine: yes, you have neuropathy, and it was the feeling of, "Good luck with that". We can do shots, a lot of pain killers, we can do all of that and this clinic has none of those types of remedies. They actually went after the problem and dealt with it.

Gary O. -

Hi, my name is Gary. I was hardly able to walk, the foot pain was intense, bothered me severely at work, it had been going on and getting progressively worse over the last year. Through some coaxing of couple friends of mine and referral I came down here to Renewed Life Wellness Center and now its 3 months later and I don't regret it at all.

My pain is just about virtually gone, my sensations are back, and I can actually feel the carpet fiber, and life is really good. It made a big influence on my attitude and outlook on life. Coming in here I didn't care about anything, I was told from a medical doctor that they were going to give me opioids till I couldn't stand it then they would amputate my feet. Following this program here with Renewed Life Wellness Center, life is good, I appreciate life and I am going to go on.

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